After the breakup of Dirt Road 14, singer/song writer Ryan Bleck hooked up with praise band vocalist Rebecca Brendler and formed the 'Old Speak Winstons' (a reference to Gorge Orwell's novel 1984). The duo toured the North Jersey's open mic scene, eventually hitting Muldoon's in Ledgewood, where Rebecca's sister, Rachel Brendler, saw the Old Speaks and wanted in. Ryan then started crafting acoustic songs specifically for three part harmonies.

As the band moved from open mics to full on gigs, they knew it was time to change the name and add some bottom. The new band name was Randy Morning. Ryan then reached out to his web designer, friend and a fantastic bass guitarist, Alan Tepper, (who had been setting the trio up with some quality gigs). Alan joined shortly there after and it was time to record an album.

Randy Morning decided to go to Left Hook Studios and work with Timm Mulhern who engineered the Dirt Road 14 album. The songs were selected and recording began. Randy Morning began playing steady shows throughout New Jersey, and at a coffee shop gig in Washington they met up with young guitarist Brian St. John. After a short jam session, Brian agreed to lay some tracks down on the album. In the months to follow, Brian would frequently sit in with the band playing guitar, mandolin and harmonica. Eventually Ryan convinced him to join.

After several years of procrastination and financial difficulties (the backer of the album pulled out due to breach of contract) the project was finally finished. Randy Morning's debut album 'One From Home' will be released on September 30th at John & Peter's in New Hope, PA. The album boasts 11 original compositions including Randy Morning favorites, such as: Dirty Motorcycle, So Cold and Empty, and the albums powerful ballad Don't Understand.